The Business of Sales Part 1
Thursday 28 May, 10:00am - 11:30am
This  two part workshop will be delivered live online. A Zoom link will be sent to registered attendees.
Part 2 on Thursday 4 June


As we emerge into our new reality it will be even more important to maximise each opportunity with new and exciting customers.
Business will not be able to afford to allow potential customers to slip away or buy from the competition.
Fewer customers, who are more conservative, will need the guidance of skilled sales people to give them the confidence to make purchasing decisions.


No matter what you are selling, or who you are selling it to, sales is a universal process which can be applied to any business, product or service.

ICONIC Selling  incorporates multiple sales and communication tools to incrementally improve performance over time. It enables the consistent application of sales methods which embed new behaviors and creates habits to impact your bottom line.  A customer-centric approach which puts the customer at the heart of the process, no tricks, no hard-sell, just effective techniques to advance the sales discussion to the point of mutual value.


This session focuses on three of the most important steps of the customer buying cycle and ICONIC Sales Process; Connect, Object, Commit. ICONIC Selling is a six-stage process with an emphasis on a conversational approach to sales, building relationships to solve problems and add value to your customers.

The core skill of any sales person is effective questioning. Learn to ask customer focused questions to build genuine trust and rapport. Put your customer first and at the heart of the sales process.

A necessary part of any sales process. Learn to anticipate common barriers, apply simple and effective tools to navigate them effectively and advance the discussion.

Demystify the clichés of "closing" a sale. Learn to achieve gradual commitments from your customer and ask for the business as a natural part of the conversation.
THE PRESENTER - Nick Fifield, Flux Capacity

Nick has 20 years experience in sales and sales training across, real estate, publishing, recruitment and healthcare.  Having worked for global organisations across Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Nick established Flux Capacity in 2018 and is a firm believer in value-based selling and that anybody can be a great salesperson.  Self awareness is the key to understanding your process, your strengths and your weakness to constantly improve and adapt your approach to sales.
Director, Flux Capacity
Nick Fifield

"Great workshop, simple and to the point, very realistic examples, highly recommended.” 
“Great workshop, easy to understand and relate to. Nick was great, very charismatic, excellent role model.”
"Great seminar, Nick was really engaging and informative, learnt a lot in a short space of time.”
“Very interesting and informative, Nick is a great presenter.”
 “Thanks Nick – Learnt more in a short session than a full day at our last training program. You are engaging entertaining and relevant. Can’t wait to get you into the office for more.”

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The course costs are inclusive of Part 1 and Part 2.  Please also register for Part 2 here.

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