Special General Meeting
Thursday 15 October, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Venue: Training Room, Otago Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin
The President of The Otago Chamber of Commerce Incorporated (OCC) gives you notice pursuant to Rule 32(b)(i) of the Constitution and Rules of the OCC dated 26 May 2005 that a special meeting will be held at the office of the OCC at Level 3 Public Trust Building 442 Moray Place Dunedin on 15th October at 1pm.

The business of the meeting will be to consider the following two resolutions:

Resolution 1:
  • The approval of The Otago Chamber of Commerce Incorporated (OCC) being a founding member of a new Incorporated Society to be known as Business South Incorporated (Business South);
  • The approval of OCC entering into such arrangements as the Board determines appropriate with Business South so as to, over a reasonable period of time, transfer all the assets and operations of OCC to Business South;
  • The approval of OCC putting forward six initial Board members for Business South on incorporation;
  • The approval of OCC making such steps as the Board determines appropriate and necessary to ensure that a transfer of all the assets and operations of OCC to Business South; and
  • The approval of OCC winding up all its affairs and the entity in a manner as determined by the Board at such time as in the Board’s view the entity is no longer active other than as a member of Business South.   
 Resolution 2:
  • That OCC be liquidated and wound up; and
  • That Keith Wallis from GSM be appointed as liquidator for the purpose of winding up OCC pursuant to Rule 37(a) and (b) of the Constitution and Rules and section 24 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.
At the Special General Meeting on 30th September 2020 members voted in favour of Resolution 1.  This second Special General Meeting and an online voting process provides members with a second opportunity to vote on this resolution and on Resolution 2.

As per rule 32(b)(i) of the OCC’s Constitution and Rules, dated 26 May 2005, the President may at such time as they determine convene a Special Meeting of its members. Procedures for matters to do with presiding, quorum and voting at this meeting shall be the same as those followed at annual general meetings.


Members will be provided with the opportunity to vote on these resolutions via an online voting tool provided by ElectioNZ:
Voting Opens Wednesday 07 October 2020
Voting Closes Wednesday 14 October 2020 at 5pm

One representative from each financial member organisation of the Otago Chamber of Commerce may vote either online or at the SGM on 15 October 2020. Details of the online voting process will be sent to the primary contact for each organisation.  If the primary contact represents more than one organisation, a secondary contact will be selected for each additional organisation. If for any reason a second vote is registered from the same organisation, only the first submitted vote shall count.


Any member who has not voted online will be eligible to vote at the SGM on 15 October 2020 1pm.  The combined results of the online voting and the vote at the SGM will be tallied and announced at the SGM.

Voting by proxy is not accepted at the SGM.

By order of the President Grant McKenzie
The Otago Chamber of Commerce Incorporated
Date 01 October 2020